Cold apartment – the next installment

On January 14, I called Michael Mathes regarding my heating allowance, and he said it would be advantageous if I were to obtain a doctor’s note stating that I required a higher heat.  I told him that I would be seeing my doctor (Dr. P, my psychiatrist, that is) on January 30, and would get a note then.

And so, I have the note.  On official stationary.  The letterhead does read “Psychiatry,” which is fine with me.  The letter reads:

To: Watertown Housing Authority
Date: January 30, 2009

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing regarding my patient Julie Greene, DOB 1/8/58.  Due to her medical condition, she would benefit from the heat in her apartment being raised.  Thank you for your cooperation.


I will present the note on Monday.

On the bright side, it has indeed been a bit warmer in here.  Either that or I am adjusting to the cold.  I am over the horrible depression I went through due to the cold temperatures and Puzzle’s illness (Puzzle was sick following her ingestion of chicken bones over New Year’s).  I have been working on my creative thesis a little, added a chapter, and did some revisions.  I’m getting ready for the next residency.  I leave in less than a week.  After that, my final semester begins.

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