Tardive Dyskinesia

I have been noticing some involuntary movements of my tongue.  I went to my primary care doctor, who said she did not see any tongue movements, but she said I should consult my psychiatrist regarding this matter.  I saw Dr. P today.

Tongue movements could be an indication of the beginnings of Tardive Dyskinesia, which is a condition that results from the long-term use of the older antipsychotics.  One can also get TD from newer antipsychotics, but it’s much less likely.  Rarely, cases of TD have been seen in people who have not taken antipsychotics.

Dr. P said my tongue was not moving, but the fact that I was noticing movement was a concern.  She is consulting another doctor at the hospital where she works and then we’ll meet next time to discuss what to do.

This article explains TD very well.   Please read it: