Asking for your opinions

Here is a recent sweater I made for Puzzle.  It is made with Peruvian wool but I added a “fun fur” synthetic trim, which you can see around the back edge in magenta.  Is it too distracting?  Is it too cheap looking to belong together with the beautiful natural wool?  Is the color too bright?  Or is it cute enough to surpass all these problems?  Let me know, because I can easily remove it.  Ideas?

3 thoughts on “Asking for your opinions”

  1. I know my response will likely be of little use to you but here goes anyway… I’m perfectly balanced on the fence with this one. On one hand I think it’s tacky and doesn’t work with the wool, but on the other hand I think it’s amusing and kitsch. I guess it depends on what kind of look you’re going for.

  2. Too cute for words! But I vote for taking off the pink ruffle. The wool looks so classy and beautiful by itself. But then, again, the pink adds some kitsch (as Lori says).

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