Dog sweater queens – Puzzle and I

As many of you know, I love to knit sweaters for Puzzle.  I’ve got a little collection of photos of Puzzle wearing her sweaters at  Click on (what else?) Puzzle’s Sweaters to view the photos and comments on the history of each sweater.  I don’t have all the sweaters up there but I’ll add as I take the photos.

I generally have more than one project cooking at a time.  Right now I’m working on a sweater that uses two contrasting colors combined yarns, DK weight, Merino swish wool.  The pattern is modeled after the half-tube with ribbing border shown below.  Another sweater I’m working on also uses two yarns, one a cotton blend ribbon and the other worsted weight Peruvian wool.  It is very brightly colored and would do well on a dismal winter day.  The pattern is a rectangle type I’ve never tried before.  I’m worried it won’t be long enough, but the rectangle can always be extended!  No one would ever know!

This is a sweater I’m making for myself.  As you can see, I haven’t gotten very far with it.  I’ve decided, though, after a long hiatus, to pick it up again.  I’ve taken a departure from the pattern I had been supposedly following to create a pattern of my own, but that hasn’t started yet.

Here are the two dog sweaters I described.  I’m not sure if the color will come up accurately on your screen.

I foresee an essay on the horizon about knitting…….

Feedback and comments welcome!