Puzzle photos

4x6 here she is

As you can see, my apartment is a total mess again.  I don’t seem to have the energy to clean it.  I feel sleepy, kind of sedated.  Originally, I thought it had to do with exhaustion from having worked so hard at school, but the semester’s over now and I’m still dragging.  I wake up and just feel like going back to sleep.   I saw Dr. P on Wednesday and I’m embarrassed to contact her so soon with questions.

Sometimes, sleepiness can be a sign of approaching depression, but I honestly don’t think that’s it this time.

Here’s Puzzle in my messy apartment:

Pz behind bar #1

When my apartment is a mess, I feel so out of control.  Like my whole life is a mess, which isn’t even true.  My whole life isn’t a mess.  Everything is in very neat compartments.  My messy apartment, rather than being a reflection of the state of my life, is a reflection of my level of energy–scattered.

I know where most things are.  I know where I am.  That’s what matters.

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