It came out all right

Puzzle got spayed yesterday.  Here she is today, rather unhappy to be restricted to “quiet activity only.”

4x6 pz cone

Later, I took the plastic cone thingy off.  “Elizabethan collar” is what the vet calls them.  It was torture for poor Puzzle not to be able to chew on her favorite toys.  Also, every time she tried to curl up in the corner she bumped into the wall.

I am writing a piece on coping skills and mental illness.  I’m not sure where the piece is headed but I’ll post bits and pieces of it here, eventually.

One thought on “It came out all right”

  1. Hope Puzzle is soon feeling like her frisky, old self. Too bad the world can’t accommodate an endless supply of baby Schnoodles, huh?Happy holiday weekend to you both!Luv,MAZ xox

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