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Yes, raisins are poisonous to dogs!  As few as seven can seriously harm the average dog.  Puzzle ate one, yes one.  I called ASPCA poison control and they recommended taking Puzzle to the Veterinary Emergency Specialty Center of New England (VESCONE), where they induced vomiting, gave her charcoal, tested her kidneys, put her on IV fluids for 48 hours to protect her kidneys, then tested her kidneys again, and weaned her off the fluids.  I brought her home Monday night. 

That was scary!!!!  One raisin can seriously harm Puzzle’s little puppy kidneys!

I owe many thanks to
Donna W,who sent me an e-mail only last Friday regarding raisin toxicity in dogs.  Prior to that, I had no clue!  Since then, I’ve heard many stories about dogs who have had kidney problems following raisin ingestion!

Here’s a funny photo of Puzzle:

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