Aimee Liu on eating disorders

Aimee Liu, who is on the faculty at Goddard College, recently came out with another book about her eating disorder, called Gaining, which is about life after eating disorders.  On Wednesday, she and her book were featured on The Today Show:

Although I have never met Aimee, she is very special to me.  In 1981, when I was 23, I wandered into a bookstore and found Aimee’s book, Solitaire, which she wrote when she was 26, about her experience with anorexia nervosa.  I had never heard of anorexia.  I had been wondering what was wrong with me over the past year, and now, I knew….

I still have my copy of Solitaire, though it is yellowed and the pages are brittle.  Aimee is on leave this term, promoting her new book, but when she returns next term I will be right there, asking her to sign my old copy of Solitaire, the book that opened my eyes.

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