Better than L.L. Bean

I was so involved in crocheting this sweater for Puzzle that I decided to stay up until Puzzle’s first nighttime wake-up, which is generally at around 10:30.  Well, get this: Puzzle slept through the night.  I stayed up all night waiting for her wake-up.  I couldn’t be more delighted that she slept all night, and I’m also thrilled that I got this sweater done, at around 6:30 this morning.


The outer blend is made of “mystery pink” with sparkly flecks mixed with gray wool and the turquiose lining is soft orlon.  The maroon decoration is orlon as well.   This custom design is sure to keep Puzzle warm when she grows into it in a few weeks.  I’m sure she will wear it with pride, or at least Mama will be proud!

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