You dream that you are falling.  Perhaps you have tripped, or you fail to see a pit before you.  No matter, you are falling now; you can see the ground approaching, and as it does, faster and faster, time speeds up, for a nanosecond–yes, one nanosecond, space shrinks and your breath pounds: the distance between you and the ground halves; space gushes through your heart and halves again–your hands, your throat–then halves again, while time accelerates and your blood bursts–


Then, you wake up.




Suppose you didn’t wake up.


Suppose you stayed suspended in that fear.


Suppose you stayed suspended in that fear for a long, long time.


That is what it felt like when my illness was at its worst.



2 thoughts on “DREAM”

  1. Thank u for sharing such a precise, personal explanation of what it’s like to be you, or at least, what it’s been like in the past. I admire your bravery,your talent, and your willingness to be my friend.

  2. Julie, Thanks for sharing you hardest times with us. By putting this into words, it also helps others with their healing process. Your site is really impressive and I love the puppy’s ! So sweet.

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