More on Beings and The Thing: MInd Torture

Here’s the piece I came up with in June, posted in the old blog, that describes some of the tortures the Beings come up with:





As early as twelve years of age, I recognized Mind Torture.  At the time I described it as, “All the little men in my head fighting against each other.”


That description wasn’t far off from the Mind Torture I experience today.  Imagine your head fighting against itself.  Imagine your brain in such turmoil that it becomes inflamed enough for your skull to crack.  Your mind seeps through the cracks and is exposed to raw air, and recoils as if having touched a sliver of glass.  The incision stings.  You are allergic to yourself and cannot escape; you are imprisoned along with all your selves in a leaky space suit; in a short while, the oxygen will be gone, and it is in this moment that you are suspended, waiting, burning, hating.