I live on the fifth floor in Watertown, and I see the same people every day.  On Carey Ave everyone is getting ready for work, carrying packages of varying sizes into their cars and talking on their cell phones.  On Michael Ave, to the left two women sun themselves in an inflatable pool.  They are always in that pool.  To the right, two men wash their cars.  They are always doing something to those cars.  Across Warren Street and up Heather Road, a woman taps angrily on the window and shouts something in Italian that means “Keep your dog off my lawn!”  She does that every time.  Up at the top of the hill, a couple prunes their shrubs and rakes the yard.  They are always doing yard work, whenever I walk past with my dog.  When I leave my dog off at doggie day care (www.thepoochpalace.com) I always see a dark-skinned woman walking in the opposite direction, going to work, then coming home again carrying a lunch bag.  She wears a red jacket and tight jeans.  I always see the same people on the bus, the same faces, the same crazies, the same tired old folks, the same bus drivers.  I’m the only one that changes, and sometimes I even wonder about that.