I must have been reading Orwell when I wrote this




It took me a while to see it, but as a writer I realize that I have influence over the course of history (in a small way) because I manipulate language, and this manipulation affects society, because our thought is controlled by language.  That is why it is important to keep up this blog, in hopes that I can reach just one person….


Writing is a gift.  People couldn’t always write, and words had to be passed from generation to generation orally.  How this influenced society was that the stories could be changing, and indeed they were, while language evolved over the centuries, and continues to evolve, though most people deny it.  Remember: spelling in English was not standardized until relatively recently.  And what of languages that are written in symbols, such as Chinese?  Surely, this influences literate Chinese society!


An example:  We stuff our feelings.  We stuff our faces.  Are these uses of the word “stuff” at all a reason for what some call “emotional eating”?  The very term “emotional eating”: is it a reflection of our behavior, or does the term perpetuate it?  Was the evolution of the term “emotional eating,” having put it to words, the reason that people recently recognized the act?  Perhaps the answer to this question is obvious, perhaps not.