In other countries they go through distress but it’s not an illness

Many people with whom I have spoken have told me their troubles. I spoke with a man who says he works many hours but has to because he must support himself and his family. A woman tells me she is deeply bored. A girl tells me she feels excluded due to a physical deformity. A woman is happy to hear that I, too, am not married. A man tells me he’s going through a “career change” and doesn’t know where to turn next.

It is different in other countries where psych is not so prevalent, where, in fact, they can’t afford psych and its drugs. None have told me they suffer so much they feel they cannot go on. I think that’s because these problems of living aren’t seen as diseases in other places. These issues clear up quickly since there aren’t any shrinks around. This has actually been proven…but I am not an authority on statistics.

Job interview tips…is it all about lying? Likely.

It is sad, but companies don’t like to hear the truth.

I have a few more suggestions to add.

Never tell your future employer that you ever had a health condition. Ever. If you accidentally mention something, say that it was “ages ago.”  If you’re old enough, say “decades ago.” They aren’t going to hire you if you are going to be absent a lot.

If you took time off of college or have a gap in your resume that’s super obvious, do not say “health condition.” You could say you were “traveling” or “taking care of parents” if it seems applicable. Regarding the latter, be careful because “sick parents” is a go-to excuse for “I was in a mental hospital.” Employers know this, or shall I say, some do. “I took time off to raise my kids” might work for some of you. You might try, “Life got in the way.” That might work so long as the gap isn’t too long. You could say you had your own business, which they can’t check up on. I told an employer I was working privately as a life coach. It worked! Then, when you ask about benefits, be sure to say you have purchased your own plan…Don’t say Medicaid or Medicare or you will not get the job.

If you need accommodations, such as a larger computer monitor, or a special pillow for your chair, now is not the time to say so! Tell HR later, after you are hired.

If you have to do a video interview, wear makeup, unless you have dark, distinct features. The camera will make you look on the washed-out side. Wear plain clothes (no prints or stripes) that compliment your skin coloring. Make sure you are in a well-lit place and remember, no messy background! I use curtains, but you can also use a backdrop. Recently I purchased a New York City skyline backdrop but I have yet to use it.


Sleep, pineal gland, and antipsychotics

I really should be getting some work done, but I decided to dive deep into some research today. I am suspecting that antipsychotics damage the pineal gland and that explains why people develop insomnia from these drugs, especially after the drugs are stopped.

The type of damage that is generally known about is calcification. This happens to us starting in childhood, and then, the calcium deposits increase as we age. This might explain why older people sleep less or even have trouble sleeping. However, I don’t think what I am going through is “just aging.” It has been eight years since I stopped antipsychotic drugs and I still can’t sleep. In fact, if I do not use chemical assistance I do not sleep at all. Still. I have tried stopping, but the results were as I expected: Exhaustion, no sleep, grumpiness, and being horribly short-tempered. I don’t quite know how many weeks “trial” I did before I finally conceded…I need sleep!

I keep trying and trying more things. Nothing works, including dope. Dope has no effect on me whatsoever. What can I do?

One more sleepless night drove me to the search engines. Doesn’t it piss you off that the medicos won’t share their research with the general public? You gotta pay for these medical studies, a ridiculous amount of money, and I will not do that since I might not even find the answers I am looking for.

I was able to get some information today, though. I found out that opiates do damage the pineal gland. I do not think antipsychotics have been researched. This explains why many addicts cannot sleep, and will go days on end without any sleep at all.

My friend described a friend of hers who was an addict. She said when he drives and stops his car momentarily, he falls asleep. She asked him why and he said he cannot ever sleep at night. It does sound just like I was a few years back before I went the chemical route. I think someone told me PCP (or whatever it’s called) will also cause damage that leads to insomnia.

I keep on trying and trying, though. I don’t think the sleep expert was right when he said that permanent damage isn’t possible. i am pretty sure at this point that the damage is indeed permanent. I took so, so many pills when I was a patient, three antipsychotics and three anticonvulsants all at once, and at the highest possible doses, for at least six months….I wonder if I can sue…..

I read that restoration of the pineal gland is possible, but they have not done this in humans yet. They’ve done transplants in rodents and found the results were positive. Of course, I will not have a transplant!

If my pineal gland is calcified too much, I think I’d have other symptoms, too. I suspect the drugs caused real physical damage to the gland itself. The pineal gland produces melatonin. I do notice sleepiness if I take liquid melatonin, but that’s not enough to put me to sleep, sadly.

I did not sleep last night and today I have barely been able to function. I happen to have the day off but I have gotten little done except to obsessively research why I can’t sleep. Again. I’m trying one more chemical in hopes that it works. There are so many vitamins on the market and many are just junk. These are largely a waste of money…but I keep trying.

Drug alert! Propecia can cause suicidal thoughts, leading to a false psych diagnosis

Here is the link:

I have just discovered this site, Best Pills, Worst Pills. I subscribed right away. I was seeking information on which drugs caused damage, and to which organ, which seems to have permanently impaired my ability to sleep. Meanwhile, I found this very recent alert.

Do you know any bald people who suddenly ended up in the mental health system, folks you really never thought would ever want such “help”? Worth noting, eh? Treatment for baldness as gateway into the MH system….

What do you guys think?

I cannot understand the selfie mentality. Is this generational? I have had friends that I knew on Facebook, people that I liked a lot in fact, who posted an incredible number of selfies. Why? What is so appealing about that? The only time I have ever taken a selfie was when it was required. Some jobs require them, for identification purposes.

Why is the idea of a selfie so distasteful to me? What about you? How do you feel about that?

I do not mind putting myself on YouTube. When I have made a YouTube it has been for the purpose of sharing an idea or information, in other words, in hopes of making the world a better place. When I write, likewise.

Even shy people take selfies? Why?

Haven’t I seen your face enough times? Yes, your face is interesting, but maybe 10 times a day is a bit much? I just don’t get it, but…I think this is something I shouldn’t judge so harshly as other generations grew up with cellular telephones as the norm.

At the same time, I think the sweeping generalization statement that we all love to take selfies is certainly false.

Please tell me just how crazy I am to take photos of Puzzle. Maybe in some cultures adoring your dog is considered pathological. If that is true, I hope I have a very severe case of it, dual-diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Talent (not disorder!).

How I made my own running music

Here is how I made my own running music.

You-Tube wasn’t cutting it. It is great for music in general but you won’t be able to pull up a playlist of all the same BPM.  I have been running at 177 instead of my usual 176. Maybe it means moving a notch up in the world. I am not sure.

I did a search on Amazon for 177 BPM. This brought up about seven songs. I did not buy them. I did a search for each of these on YouTube. I found them all. I was able to download these videos. Then, I tried putting each into my phone, but that wasn’t working since the phone now wanted to play videos and I couldn’t get them put altogether that way.

I imported each song into Corel Video Studio and then, extracted the audio. I muted the video so now I only had sound. Then, I exported. I am fairly sure iphones can’t play WMA files. So I made them into OGG files. I will need to put VLC Media Player into my phone to play these songs. Still, I am playing them now on my computer and it sounds like a really great run.

So off I go!

Don’t take this guy to a MH professional…or to an eating disorders specialist

If he know what is best for him (and clearly, he does!) he will stay far, far away from those predatory ED specialists. I can only guess what would happen…

I do like popcorn and I eat it a lot. Screw ’em all… I am even including popcorn recipes in my book, Life After Lithium. In the appendix.