I had some trouble with a company that claimed I owed them money. I didn’t! I have paid my bills faithfully. Basically, what happened was that I was sending checks. They cashed these checks and then, they lost track of the money. This shouldn’t even be my concern, but they started calling me several times a week and emailing about this fake debt.

I was able to get the check numbers for them, but the checks were from a credit union and I found out I can’t get the canceled checks to prove I’m right. I finally sent bank statements and circled the checks they had cashed. They continued to harass me.

I continued to tell them this was their bookkeeping issue, and not mine. I asked them to cease the annoying calls and to stop emailing me. That was great for a week. Only. Then, they started up again.

Finally, I put in a consumer complaint with the Attorney General (this DOES get action!) and also I wrote to the company telling them “I put in a complaint and will get my attorney involved.”

At this point I know enough attorneys that this is nearly true. I did not call any of them, though. A few days after I wrote to them saying this, a higherup supervisor from the company called me.

She was deeply apologetic and explained that they had lost the money and that I did not owe them anything, I am up to date.

Now….I have known people who bluffed in psych situations. Often, the “unit” claims the person is delusional that they have an attorney. Grandiose, of course. Unless you have a criminal case against you, they aren’t going to expect you to have representation. Bluffing also likely won’t work if they know you’re living on disability payments since they know you can’t afford to pay an attorney. You could say “My family hired one” or some such thing. The idea is not to go so far as to say the fake attorney is going to show up. You won’t swing that if he’s fake. But you could say, “My attorney says there’s a limit to how long you can keep me in this ER.” Or, “My attorney reminded me that legally, you cannot keep me in restraints as long as you did.”

Point is…bluffing will scare them. It really will. Today I told a company I was going to contact my credit card company if they did not communicate with me regarding some software I purchased. That, too, will scare the heck out of a merchant.

Recently, I was ghosted by a lender. They said they approved me, then, asked me to send paperwork. I did. Right away. Then, a few days later they said I hadn’t sent paperwork. I have emailed and called multiple times and I only get voicemail. They never communicated after that last email. Didn’t call. Nothing. If they are rejecting me, then they need to send communication about their decision. Ghosting is very irresponsible on the part of a professional. Likely what happened was that the loan officer quit suddenly and didn’t pass her work onto a coworker. Still….irresponsible. I went elsewhere.

The Julie Mad Vlogger Website is now mobile friendly

I was having technical difficulties with the theme I purchased for the site. Finally, when the usual things didn’t work I got rid of the fancy theme and used a regular, free WordPress theme. Usually, the ones that come with WordPress tend to have fewer compatibility problems. I can also add video to the site in the future. I’m still trying to find out from the distributor if I can use my introductory video as a sample independently.

My distributor seems to have an email problem. Either they aren’t receiving my occasional emails, or they just don’t respond to email. Anytime a person or company fails to respond to my inquiries it brings back yucky memories of having no friends and no allies. That’s not the situation now. I still find non-responsiveness extremely aggravating, especially since I make a point myself of responding to all personal emails.

I presented this dilemma to my publicist. He said I should CC him on any correspondence I have with them. This will hold them accountable, he says.

This week I will hear back from the reader on my book manuscript. I’m thrilled to be receiving this feedback!

Puzzle has a haircut scheduled this week. She’s looking too raggedy right now. We are taking two buses to get there. Then, after the bus stop we walk about a half mile. Puzzle will likely be able to do it but on the way home it may be too hot for her. I can carry her if it is. Free rides for seniors!

Meanwhile, I’m trying to make a decision about this upcoming UNPAID training. It’s going to take up 50 hours of my time. Can I really spare 50 hours of my life? What if the job we’re being trained for flops like the retail job flopped this year? They promise huge earning potential. Sometimes it is! Only sometimes. My friends have quit the retail job due to low pay. Is the training going to interfere too much with job #2? Maybe I should just stick with the retail job. The pay has improved, that is, pay per hour. Most of the time I enjoy it, too. I had fantastic customers yesterday and what’s even better is that they give me great reviews. I just got two more rave reviews today! This week and last the reviews have been super good. I think I need to stick with this. When off-season comes I can lower my hours and spend more time doing video.

I have to stick with this job, which I don’t mind doing, until I can get a mortgage. By then, my other projects will be making enough money so that I can quit retail and only work on projects I feel passionate about. That is way, way into the future, though.

Life is just beginning!

“The gun doesn’t pull the trigger. Mentally ill people pull the trigger.” Really?

Now I know it’s a leap to reverse this a little, but I will….

Who pulls the trigger, really?

Trained military on duty. Hunters who are on legal hunting territory. Cops, hopefully on duty. These populations comprise the majority of trigger-pullers. Oh yes, let’s not forget target practice, gun training classes, and civilians and retired military firing off blanks during a parade or other festivity.

Who else pulls the trigger? Kids, firing off toy guns such as cap guns and plastic replicas. Kids, playing with their parents’ guns, which are sometimes loaded.

Have I missed anyone?

Any of these folks, at any given moment, might walk (or crawl) into a shrink’s office and get a diagnosis. Now what?

All kinds of civilians obtain guns legally and illegally. Women get them because they think they’re safer with one. All kinds of people think owning a gun means they’re protecting the Constitution, which is not a logical statement.

People do obtain guns illegally. Since obtaining a gun by falsifying information or buying on the streets or without a permit is not legal, owning one, for these folks, is a crime. Smuggling guns is also illegal.

Of those who do mass killings, some have obtained weapons legally, some illegally. Some manufacture their own weapons. Some use a knife. Serial killers might strangle or stab, stereotypically. Drunk drivers kill with vehicles. The Nazis used poison gas. Psychiatry uses dangerous drugs that kill massive numbers of victims slowly, but they lie to their victims and call these “meds.” Many of psychiatry’s victims are women and children.

If Trump gets his way and more “hospitals” are built, more will be pushed onto these drugs. More will die. I can’t do the number-crunching and I don’t know if it’s possible to get accurate figures, but the number of people killed by psychiatry far outnumbers those killed in mass shootings. So…Mr Trump, is the answer to mass shootings more psychiatry, or less?

The reason we can’t get the real figures is because when an MP dies, they call it “natural causes” even though the causes are pharma drugs. After all, these drugs are prescribed so they don’t count as drug deaths, but they are.

Does psychiatry pull the trigger? No, generally not, not literally, but figuratively. They pick their weapons carefully, lying and saying those places are hospitals, lying about drug effects, lying and calling it “care.”

Who is “deranged and dangerous” after all (Trump’s words for “mentally ill”)? Agreeably, the fact that psychiatry kills people is no reason to justify or soften any other murder, but let’s face the facts here. Let’s think of those killed by psychiatry. Of those, how many families get their day in court? How many victims get compensated for their injuries? How many get sensationalized in the news, with the public calling the killers “monsters,” “deranged,” or “dangerous”?

This is especially striking if the perp deliberately and willingly abused or neglected a patient. Where is the outrage? If they want to remove assault weapons from the tiny minority of the fools who own them, how about removing licenses and prescribing power from the massive numbers of killer psychs out there? A bullet will kill in an instant, but psych drugs also kill people. It’s a matter of how fast.

No, after a mass shooting, what is really happening is that the MH professionals are praised for “trying” or for “doing their best.” They are never tried in court and they still continue to do what they do.

Now, let’s ask…If we were to eliminate psychiatry, would we see a significant reduction in suicide, homicide, mass killings, and disability? No one can predict the future. I would suppose it would depend on how we dismantled psychiatry. We’d need to do it in a way that people could either taper or stay on the drugs if they had to, all the while eliminating diagnosis entirely. Psych drugs wouldn’t be called that, and they wouldn’t be pushed on people. Maybe you could get them from a vending machine. Maybe they could revive the old cigarette machines and turn them into drug machines. How’s that for recycling? Maybe they wouldn’t get much use, though. There would be warnings on the machines: “Can cause diabetes, heart disease, early death, permanent disability, can harm fetus, can cause suicide.” Gosh that sounds worse than cigarettes.

We have seen people ignore the warnings on cigarette packs. However, warning people has greatly reduced the use of cigarettes, notably more in some regions than others. I here that the smoking rate in Europe is still very high. In the USA it has lowered. I’m not sure of the reason for the discrepancy. What if this warning was placed ON THE DRUG BOTTLE in large print on and inside the bottles? Oh, while we’re at it, put warnings on the pills themselves. If you have to call the pharmacy you’d get a pre-recorded message saying “Are you sure you want this? It causes organ failure and early death.” People would see it as such a nuisance on top of the menus they have to go through that maybe they’d come to their senses.

Yes, I do believe we should ban assault rifles while we’re at it. But we need to fix up the sick society we live in. That first and foremost.

Guests wanted on Julie Mad Vlogger show!

I posted the following on the show’s website:

For a future show I would have guests on my show who have been subject to illegal searches when a psychiatric diagnosis was a factor. I’ll be covering illegal seizures separately in another show. Have you been subject to an illegal search done by the police, by a social worker, or guardian? What did they claim they were searching for? Were you present at the time? Searching your home is a violation of Constitutional rights without the presence of a legally-obtained warrant. All interviews will be pre-recorded. I will accept anonymous contributions under some circumstances. Please ask! I respect your privacy!

Contact me if this is relevant and  you want to share your story.


“We have to do it. At the same time we will be taking mentally deranged and dangerous people off of the streets so we won’t have to worry so much about that. It’s a big problem.”

–Donald Trump

Dear Mr Trump,

Who will decide who is deranged and who isn’t? Shall we round you up, too? You’re a big problem, after all….

Gov Wolf signs measure for increased gun control

This is not the same as Mayor Peduto’s law that was proposed after the synagogue shooting last year. Wolf’s law, which is signed, involves keeping previously convicted violent criminals from obtaining firearms. I did not read the actual law yet. It is aimed at hate groups such as white supremacists.

Two of the latest mass shootings  happened during drug raids. From what I have read, these raids are done at some inopportune time. I witnessed one in Ambridge, PA done at 6am. I just so happened to be walking nearby with Puzzle.

This is my thinking: People who sell lots of drugs…and I don’t mean petty salespeople, I mean people and groups who are raking in massive amounts of dough on their drug-dealing businesses, get cozy with their money and privilege, unless they’re too strung out themselves. When they are caught off guard and cornered in their homes, they panic at the thought of getting caught. These instances aren’t planned mass shootings. It’s almost an act of self-defense gone wrong.

Is there a way to do these drug raids differently, in a way that doesn’t cause panic and potential violence? Is there a gentler way that still gets the job done?

Wouldn’t it be better to catch them out of their element, perhaps during a dummy drug deal? Have a fake customer, a young actor who appears to be a minor, get involved with the dealer. When the moment is right, have the backups there and catch the person. I have read about how this is done. These accounts read like detective novels.

I am uncomfortable with home raids. It all hits too close to home. What about the children or other innocent people living there? There should be limitations on these police raids.

As an aside, “sectioning” should also be banned if children are present. What do you think? Of course, all “sectioning” should be banned, or just stopped altogether. Banning it in the presence of children would be a start. My thinking is that lawmakers need to realize that RESPECT means considering the impact on all parties. We need to expand our point of view beyond what benefits those in power. May no more human beings get hauled off, period.

Limitations on any sort of police raid will protect those that are falsely accused, protect the raiding officers, and protect bystanders as well. It will protect the criminal from possible knee-jerk reaction. I know. I’ve been raided and it’s incredibly scary and even traumatizing.

Money and career decisions

Working retail was a huge disappointment this year because the company overhired. They’ve done a great job compensating for the error, but that doesn’t erase the weeks that I expected far more pay that I got. It also doesn’t erase the fact that I was required to do an unpaid training that ate into potential earning time.

Now what? They are offering another opportunity, saying the same thing, “Huge earning potential.” But what if this, too, turns out to be a horrible dud? What if the money doesn’t come pouring in as they promise?

I’m also concerned that I will be required to take the time to do a two-week training. They’re estimating five hours a day. This, again, uses up precious time, and time is money. Will the material presented in the training be worthwhile down the road?

I’m talking from the point of view of an older person who is well aware that my time is limited here on earth. Do younger people understand this concept? Likely not. I actually like having this over my head, mainly because my productivity is soaring as a result.

Another thing: How much time do I want to spend at a “job” that ideologically, doesn’t jive with me? I don’t give a hoot about fashion. I only pretend to care while on the job. Likewise, the training for the other program will give me a career advantage, but not in a direction that I care to go.

Now of course there’s job #2, which is just starting up. I have had a new supervisory team at that job, not the same friendly and methodical person who did the lengthy and involved recruitment paperwork with me. I’m a little concerned because this new team seems disorganized…or a little more disorganized than I am okay with. They also aren’t as professional, acting slightly hostile at times. I don’t say a word. I can’t. Still, it’s a busy time of year and a certain amount of sloppiness is to be expected.

This particular job is by the day. I’m expected to spend all day at it and that’s how I am paid. Per diem. I do have worries. What if I need to take a nap and I can’t because there’s nowhere to lie down? Napping would only be necessary if I haven’t slept well. What if I am too tired to function, or can’t stop yawning or nodding off? No matter how exciting the work is, I’ll still nod off into mini-sleeps if I haven’t slept well. The only thing I can do is to take the plunge, work a day or two, and, then, see how it goes.

During September I’ll be in that training, meaning I will have to rely on Job #2, which will pay well, to keep me afloat. I’m not sure that can happen at the same time as the training. They say the training is five hours a day. No way can I work all day at Job #2, then, come home and do five hours of unpaid training.

Maybe I should bow out of the training. I can’t crunch any further than I am, trying to make money at something I don’t give a hoot about.

That said, there are places where I’m truly invested. My Fiverr business is going well. What I do is read books that are potentially headed for publication, and I comment on the books. Since I have an MFA degree I am qualified to do this. I enjoy the work immensely. I love helping other writers, giving them valuable feedback and furthering their works toward success.

I also have an Ebay business, flipping stuff. I’m in the red but the income seems to be steady. It’s pocket money but somehow, doing the work to get the items posted is satisfying in a way that working for someone else’s retail outlet certainly isn’t.

I say all this with the ultimate goal in mind, down the road, of having enough time to work on video. Eventually, my video channel will make money. The harder I work at it the closer I get to that point. How much of my work that I do for the retailer should actually be spend creating videos? How much can I afford to drop of those hours?  I need the money so badly I am forced to spend time at it?

The other issue is the future mortgage. I have been told I should hang onto my retail job (Job #1) for a long time to illustrate that I have had the same job for x amount of time. This will even be the case if income from alternate sources supersedes my Job #1 income.

I’m hoping to come up with a plan that will satisfy all these requirements and keep me afloat financially. The goal is to have more time to do video. I hope to come up with this within the next day or so. Yes, it can be done and I plan to do it!

Meanwhile, go check out my new site: http://juliemadvlogger. com

Good morning!

I am sitting here happily eating a homemade tortilla with homemade cashew butter on it. There is no salt in this meal! The chia seeds really make the tortilla!

But all that’s secondary, just life I suppose. Last night I realized I have found my medium. How can this be? I’m 61, that’s not supposed to happen.

Video combines all the skills I love. I am good at it. I have to accept this, and quit making excuses whenever I get a compliment. I am so happy I have a musical background, what we used to call “Theory and Comp.” I truly love to perform! My performance experience includes stand-up comedy, storytelling and reading aloud at open mics, teaching, public speaking, music and drama performance, and telephone work. I also use writing and the exciting part is that I get to perform my writing (at last!). I get to talk on any activist topic I want!

How did this happen? Did I always know I’d be good at this? Actually, no.

In the future I want to take television production classes and learn how to make my computer into a music synthesizer. I just found out this morning I have a whole bunch of free classes available to me on any topic imaginable. I want to take all of them……

I have created six videos now. I have a topic for my seventh and I don’t know when I will be taping it.

I will be creating a website for the show as well. There, you will find a “suggestion box”-type page where you can suggest topics for upcoming videos, or even suggest a guest you’d like to see on the show. I will also create a page listing all the videos together. After my site goes live I will let you all know. Meanwhile, my channel can be found at:

Today I will be asking my distributor if they can make one or two of my videos free to watch as a sample.

My channel is LIVE: The Julie Mad Vlogger Show

Check it out! I have a syndicated video show!

The show will be distributed worldwide on well-known networks. If you already have Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, or any other SmartTV application, go sign on and find me!

I will be adding this link to the sidebar.