Whole Foods cutting healthcare benefits

I’m not sure how significant this is going to turn out to be. Workers at Whole Foods need to work at least 30 hours a week to get healthcare benefits. It used to be 20.

I have never known a company that paid healthcare benefits to workers who worked half time. Not one. I’m eligible to buy into my subbing agency’s plan after probably a year. Meanwhile, it’ll be Obamacare for me. All the plans I have seen are $500 a month or so (so far) and I refuse to pay that. Health insurance should be a choice. It should not be forced. I’m happy to pay a tax penalty instead.

Health insurance means increased sharing between providers. It me

Are we going to go to war in Venezuela?

Apparently the Trump administration has interest in Venezuela’s natural resources such as oil. Trump, from what I hear, wishes to overthrow the current gov’t and plunder the country.

Why does this sound scary familiar? Can we stop it before it starts? Is there no end to American imperialism? Invade invade invade. Do we not learn from our mistakes?

Is God in the schools?

Here is the article:


To me this is a shocking example of total stupidity and ignorance of the basic principle (here in the US) of Separation of Church and State. I’m not that familiar with Rhode Island politics. I do know that parts of Providence are very poor. It sounds like the school system might be poorly funded, also.

I don’t think mentioning God in the classroom is ever okay. Now my policy is to not respond to any religious suggestion, even if brought up by a student. I’ve noticed that other teachers have their own ideas. Monday, a student said, kinda inadvertently, “God made me.”

I would not have responded to that one way or another since I don’t believe I should impose my own beliefs on anyone. Non-coercion. As a teacher and role model, I cannot say anything religious. Why? Because teachers have huge influence and could sway a child, possibly in a direction that is in conflict with whatever religious beliefs, or nonbeliefs, he’s been taught. It is not my job to “correct” his religious statements. Correct according to whom?

The teacher did agree with the kid. “Yes, God made you.” But wait. Is this okay? I said nothing because I felt it wasn’t my place. This is Pennsylvania, folks. I’m not in Massachusetts anymore. Here in Pennsylvania, “Have a blessed day!” is an okay greeting. I don’t know what to say to that when people say it but since it’s relatively non-imposing, I say nothing, or, “Thank you, you too!”

Folks round here often bring Jesus into the conversation, which is seriously annoying and I don’t know what to do about it. “Excuse me, Sir, that doesn’t quite apply.” But I don’t say that.

If you’re a teacher, and you’re intent on bringing God into the classroom, I’d consider teaching in parochial school which is not run by the government. Many parents want that so they might choose a religious-based school for that reason. They want their kids to hear about God all day long, apparently. Although I must admit, I’ve heard far many stories of….”I survived Catholic school” to make me really worry.

By all means, if you call yourself “saved” by Jesus, then of course I am happy for you that you have found something that works for you. Saved by Jesus, saved by the Bible, saved by a religious conversion.

If it works, then who I am to argue? I can’t, and won’t. And I can’t agree or validate what you say in the classroom. I might nod or acknowledge that I have heard, but that’s as far as I will go.

By all means, if you call yourself “saved” by psychiatry, then I am happy for you (for now) but very worried about your future. Psychiatry is a dangerous religion to get involved with. It is my hope that psychiatry stays out of the classroom entirely, but if I find it, same deal. Acknowledge, but no agreement.

Local news of interest

Antonio Brown, who was a member of the Steelers for a time, is back in the news. This time, he’s accused of rape. He denies the charges. I suspect the woman will stand her ground. His ex accused him of assault (pushing her over among other things) but then she ended up not pursuing it and in fact, retracted it. He also threw a huge object out a window a while back which came close to injuring a toddler. That suit is pending in FL. I feel sorry for him because Trouble seems to follow him everywhere. Trouble got him kicked off the Bengals. Why is that?

What else? Pine-Richland schools (middle and high) are closed following a bomb scare. They have to get the bomb-sniffing dogs in the buildings to determine all’s A-Okay.

Also in football, former Steelers linebacker Sam Davis was found dead at 75. It looks like he was at a elder facility in Monroeville and walked away. He was missing for 14 hours and they found him, finally, in a search. So far they haven’t found anything suspicious so I assume he got lost, and maybe, dehydrated. 75 is too young to die.

Just another day in Pittsburgh Paradise, folks.


Well I do feel better

Thank you, thank you, Puzzle! Placebo or not, she heals EVERYTHING! Snuggling seems to have improved things, at least a little. I think I still have a fever, but I lost my thermometer overnight by absent-mindedly putting it down somewhere. God knows where. I was half asleep. I bet it’ll turn up in a week. I might buy another one in the meanwhile. I’m not sure where within walking distance I can purchase one. I will need to walk about a mile and a half to get anywhere. Does the dollar store carry thermometers? If I go by bus will I be spreading germs around?

My voice still sounds a couple of octaves lower than it should. I do sound “sick” but I think over the course of today things will improve. I have an annoying headache and my throat is still sore, but I feel infinitely better overall.

I’m signed up to work tomorrow. I hope I don’t have to cancel another day! It is best not to cancel without 24 hours notice. I need to think on this and make a decision now about tomorrow.

Guess what I did? I used a meat thermometer, my accurate one, and because meat thermometers will immediately drop down when no longer immersed, I kept the thermometer in my mouth and photographed a “selfie” of the thermometer. I had to face away from the light source otherwise the white part of the thermometer reflected back too much. If this thermometer is reading correctly my temp is just a smidge over 100. That sounds about right considering how I feel, and that’s about what it was last night.

My naturopath says the numbers don’t matter as much as how you feel. How you feel, he says, is a good measure of your OVERALL state of health. In my opinion, the very presence of the expertise of the medical profession steals our instinctive “this is how I feel” gauge. I have known people who have no clue how they feel because they are so swayed by Western Med’s tests and Opinion from the Gods. Some are way too wrapped up in therapy to have any clue how they really feel, and others worry about Western Med’s Numbers way too much.

When you go outside, do you have a bounce in your step? Do you feel like you have plenty of energy, or do you just trudge? If you trudge, something’s wrong.

When handed a project, do you feel motivated to take it on, or do you feel completely overwhelmed and helpless?

A lot of people who leave the mental health system end up addicted to being sick without realizing it. This is a sorry state indeed, as it causes all kinds of maladies that satisfy the addiction, but I think coming to terms with it will likely cure the it. Most who are still in the system were pushed into becoming addicted. It’s not your fault. You have to ask who is benefiting from it. You? Your partner? Your kids? Or your doctor? Sometimes it’s someone who is dead that we’re still trying to please.

The Withdrawal Community, I must warn you, provides plenty of food for the addiction, coming up with one “damage” after another to keep you plenty sick for life. Do you want this? Do you want to put off living indefinitely with a bunch of excuses? True of not, they’re still excuses.

I agree, the drugs cause damage, often permanent, but most of us should be able to go on with our lives.

That said, in my daily life I see rather pronounced cases of TD, which I’d say is very bad drug damage. One of these people that I run into frequently DOES have a life, seems to have many friends and is very active. And get this: His friends don’t seem to notice. He’s a friend, he is not a disease. That, in fact, will make all the difference.

Anyway, this bug that keeps coming back is not from the drugs anyway. It’s some kind of virus. Kidney disease does affect your immune system, mostly by messing with your endocrine system. Honestly I am surprised I’m not sick more often. Guess I am LUCKY. Hmm.