Instead of a YouTube

I was going to do a YouTube but I changed my mind. The webcam software for Linux is so limited. I only have Cheese. I was able to set up a backdrop so I wouldn’t have to have the dumb mirror that is on my wall reflect back to the camera. Still, I don’t have much flexibility. I don’t like the way I look. I’m all glasses and nothing else.

I liked the message I was planning. I had figured that people are too lazy to read text so maybe I will just say it. Then I chickened out. People are too lazy to watch YouTubes, too. If they don’t want the message, they’ll say anything to avoid it. Excuses, you know?

So removing guns and forced treatment is logical?

Here’s the link. Note the very last remark at the end of the article.

Florida shooting puts spotlight on mental health resources

So the answer is….snake out the “untreated mentally ill,” most of whom are “law abiding citizens,” and find them, and “take their guns,” and “force them into treatment.” This is the answer?

Given that school shooters are dejected, lonely people who were often subject to bullying and rejection, and harmful psych treatment, why don’t we work on that?

The Texas church shooter was forcibly drugged from sixth grade on, and apparently his parents wanted the drugging. He did not like it apparently, and spoke out against it even as a young child. He was angry about it. Can we blame him? Then his classmates rejected him because of his atheism. Had he lived in another locale, such as Massachusetts, atheism would have made him class president. What if he had moved to Massachusetts at age 15 and gotten himself into a new crowd? None of all that would have happened. Fate…..

When I was back on Facebook….This being years ago when Obama was running for president…This is something I am not particularly proud of….I was on my grad school’s Facebook page when there were two students who did not support Obama. These two were literally bullied on there. Why? The others supported Obama. The two students did not. Did they have a right to their opinion? YES! Now I supported Obama myself. But I did not support fucking BULLYING those students, and I spoke out against the way they were treated. Much as I love Goddard College I was shocked at the horrible way they were both ganged up on. And these were entirely separate. The two were not lumped together. They were separate incidents that I witnessed. Both stopped associating with the college’s page. I was so, so saddened by this. It was unnecessary and cruel.

And then, I myself was ganged up on by folks on that page. I am entirely off Facebook now and disgusted with the behavior of SOME people.

I also am disgusted with the behavior of SOME of the people from my coaching class who also were unnecessarily cruel. i saw too much of it, far, far too much. It was the last straw. Which makes me feel not so great about what I have seen of the world of coaching. It is scammy business at best. I am not sure I even want to call myself a “coach” even though I rightfully earned the certification. I am not sure how I want to use it. I think I need to do something totally outside the CAPITALIST box so many coaches work in. That bit makes me feel quite uncomfortable. Make a million ? I don’t want to make a million and I dislike hearing other coaches discussing how much money they’re making. Very few actually discuss HELPING PEOPLE. It has been a huge disappointment.

Whenever anyone urges me to go back to it feel like you’re telling me to go play with kiddie crayons. I am really an activist in my blood.

Inner Compass and The Withdrawal Project

Inner Compass and The Withdrawal Project are a new website and networking venue created by Laura Delano that just launched. It was announced a while back and I also saw the announcement in the ISEPP newsletter. There has been some response from the survivor community and we are waiting to see how this will pan out. I have somewhat of an idea how the “withdrawal” resources might look, but the rest of the site might be “to be announced” and dependent on the participants. And that depends on who joins.

i have asked Laura to include a segment for hospital abuse, diagnosis abuse, and therapy abuse.  I rarely get much response from anyone about these things on MIA. We have no place to talk about these things and people have stories that they tell over and over, but these stories need a home, a resolution. What are we supposed to do? Go home afterward and cry alone? There IS no resolution, no answer, no apology, just an emptiness. So many of us had to flee our former lives and start over. We are still looking over our shoulders in fear of it happening again, and we’ll be looking over like that forever, it seems.

If we had a forum, a venue, a place where we could talk about it, and bring our stories to major media outlets, and take out grievances to the courts and to the governments in the locales where they occurred, we as a group coalition, then, we could make real changes. If we could impress upon those in the government the real effect upon us, how these diagnoses and proclamations of our insanity, of our “disability,” that we “will never be able to work,” or that we are “dangerous,” just how harmful these things are, how the damage tears apart the very heart of our souls, then, perhaps, we could make a difference. This is my hope.

I am hoping that Inner Compass is planning these things as part of its networking, and is reaching beyond “drug withdrawal.” Right now it is just getting started, but they already have nonprofit status and the project seems extremely well-planned and well-run. I am sure they have much not yet up there, and I am not privy to what they have planned. Go check it out.



So now, MoveOn is blaming assault weapons……

Is MoveOn trying to cover up for the drug companies? Let’s think on this one, folks. They speak out against Big Oil but does MoveOn ever speak out against Big Pharma? Do they ever speak out against Big Med? No! They seem arm-in-arm with the AMA and the APA. More access to treatment……. I have not found much from them too encouraging these days. They don’t like Trump but a lot of groups don’t.

Antipsych is not left nor right. It is about human rights which is on both sides. It is about Freedom of speech, freedom to live where you want, freedom to choose whom to marry or love, freedom of expression, freedom of thought and freedom of religion, freedom to educate your kids in any way you choose and to refuse medical treatment and choose alternative medical treatment pr no medical treatment if that is what you want, the right to end your life (just my opinion), the right to not being treated like a criminal because you tried and failed to end your life, the right to say no to sex, the right to not being perceived as mentally ill or ever called mentally ill….The right to not be bossed around or bullied, The right to not be imprisoned. For any reason or perceived reason. the right to privacy and respect.

Are these left or right issues or just plain ole human rights and common decency?

“He had been undergoing some treatment. We can’t go into detail on that,”

And that’s all they’re saying. A tiny one-liner. They’ll likely edit it out. The mayor stated this. CNN:

They’ll claim HIPAA privacy laws keep them from sharing exactly what “treatment” he had. Abusive therapy? Pills? Apparently he stopped the supposed treatment. Why? He couldn’t take it anymore maybe…….Looks like all that was before the family took him in. They might not have known even.

What was he withdrawing from? Was he incarcerated in a nuthouse? Was he given a harmful psych label, too? The family stated bullying may have been a factor.

In some states, keeping a gun is like keeping gerbils. So I can see why the family may have shrugged off the gun. Florida is weird like that, people have them. Commonplace. I come from Massachusetts where folks do not have guns.  I’m not used to them and not comfortable around them.

Here where I live I feel fearful to let Puzzle run loose for fear that a neighbor might be drunk and might have one. There are gun crimes in Pittsburgh daily. I mean daily, someone get shot. Here where I live, here too. I can’t say it makes me feel very safe. I don’t think “loose gun laws” cause school shootings, though. When you think about it, the logic doesn’t add up. I think where guns are more accessible we definitely have more gun accidents such as three-year-olds playing with them or toddlers finding them because Daddy fell asleep. These sorts of tragedies do add up to being caused by accessibility to guns. But school shootings? No, obviously there’s more to it……I think we know, right?

Or let’s say we do.

School shooting: BROWARD COUNTY, Florida, Were psych drugs involved?

You heard it here first. There was a major school shooting in Broward County, Florida. At least 14 were taken to local hospitals. They caught the shooter, apparently.

Wanna bet psych drugs were involved? Do we even have to ask this question?

You  heard it here……Now, let’s wait. The news will come out (maybe on Fox, eh?), but then, suddenly, we won’t hear anything. It’ll be squelched. The media will be ordered to take down anything about the shooter being on drugs. But we will remember, won’t we?

“Senior work programs” that aren’t what they say they are

I have been seeing these “senior work incentives” and some of these I believe are actually Help That Isn’t Help. Recently I met a senior who impressed me as the generous sort. This was back when I had the job at the Toxic Workplace back in January. I told her it was my day off and shared that I was working “Downtown.” Safely vague enough. i tend to share…but I know that being vague is a good idea when sharing information just to preserve one’s privacy.

“Oh, congratulations!” she said. We then launched into a discussion on age discrimination. “They all discriminate, don’t they?” she said. A third senior came into the discussion. Now three of us agreed. We’d all experienced it in some way. Yes, it runs rampant. They assume a senior is incapable and stupid. We started to joke around over the hateful stereotyping.

Then she told me about one of those senior incentive programs helping seniors get back to work. She said they give seniors jobs. She didn’t have a number but the guy did have a lead. “If you ever need a job, they have jobs,” he said. “Part-time work.” He asked me my age. “Oh yes,” he said, “you qualify.”

i located these folks by making a few phone calls, then, I got them on the phone. They absolutely GRILLED ME. They asked me too many questions such as income, whom I lived with, and whether I was disabled and what my disability was. Finally, I told them I didn’t want to answer these questions over the phone. Why don’t they send this paperwork in writing?

It gets worse. I received the application. They even want you to get a neighbor’s signature saying that your living situation is indeed what you say it is! Does a real employer require that you do this? NO! You fill out a tax form and that’s it.

Now the “job incentive” turns out to be ONLY for people on disability and ONLY part-time work no more than 20 hours a week and here’s how much they pay: $7.25. Now they say this is because they are “training” us. Training? They are training us to be cashiers and other low-paying positions? For SIX MONTHS? Why should a senior (over 50) have to take that long to “train”?

Please tell me this is somehow better than getting a real job for say, 38 hours a week or even full-time, for $8 an hour (the entry-level rate here), or more, as it is in  many workplaces, then after 60 or 90 days, getting a guaranteed raise and benefits, maybe chance for advancement. At such real jobs, you have to be trained on the job anyway! Training on the job usually takes a few days, folks, not weeks or months for entry level. If you were trained in the “senior training program” you’d still leave and end up in an $8/hour entry-level shit job like anyone else around here. Or not get a job at all. So I asked the person on the phone what this “training” was and why it was necessary and they were vague about exactly what they did.

If you’re a senior you likely have multiple skills and loads of experience and and are capable of much more than entry-level anyway. I pointed this out over the phone. They couldn’t tell me what this “training” really is. Sadly, I suspect they throw in a visit to the “social worker,” “group discussions,” and worse. If so, it all somehow reeks of day treatment. The senior unemployment mental health ghetto. Safely silenced.

Seniors REALLY going back to work pose a threat as far as I know. If we’re on Social Security or very close to retirement age we can earn as much as we want even if we WERE on disability. So this is a conundrum to the gov’t and their right-hand pals, psychiatry, who fraudulently put so many of us out of work in the first place.

After all, if you’re over 50, AND legally disabled, AND can work….wait a minute……

Disabled…..and can work. Did you just hear what I heard? Disabled and can work. Essentially that’s what the application says.


They are worried about us. And for good reason. Aren’t we cracking their system somehow? What’s their goal here? To get us back to work? I DOUBT IT!!! So they have a handy program that ensures we stay out of work. It’s called “help.”

I doubt they’ll call me from that office. Not unless they’re really hard up for candidates. But if they do, I’ll just thank them for the application, using my best customer service manners, and either tell them “It’s in the mail,” or, “I’m working on it,” or, “I am sorry, I do not qualify.” And get off the phone very fast.