Weight loss scam debunked….

I am a person who survived an eating disorder. My view on most of these scams is completely unconventional. Yes, I will surprise you.

Guess what? Thers is a LOT of truth in what might look like a weight loss scam! Why? Because the AMA, that is, the American Medical Association is not the Golden Pilar of Pristine Perfection! If the AMA is a crooked and corrupt organization, as we are finding out, and we can’t really trust the FDA either, what does that tell us about the information we get from our doctors? This is why I believe we should do our own research and listen to common sense. A few of the “scams” actually make sense, so……

This, however, is in MY OPINION a scam, a total waste of money:

Here’s why: While it’ll work, the scam is not that it won’t work. It’s the explanation. Yes, wrapping probably did temporarily make this woman’s thigh appear thinner. What happened is simple to explain.

Water weight was squeezed out of her thigh and into other parts of her body. It probably sat there for half a day and then, gradually returned to her thigh. I don’t believe this procedure causes any loss of fat, nor any permanent weight loss. I doubt there’s any magic to the clay except the price!

Compression does have a use in the health arena for elders, pregnant women, and athletes who experience discomfort from swelling. Swelling can happen for many reasons. Some are serious, some are not.

What about self-esteem? Is such a thing useful to help someone suffering from poor self-image? Yes and no. I think doing such a thing might relieve a person temporarily, should they truly hate how they look, but can also serve to reinforce one’s attachment of “thin” to “I feel good.”

In other words, something long ago linked, that says “I gained weight, therefore, I feel bad,” or even, “I gained weight, therefore, I am bad,” and I wonder why that linking is so pervasive in people.  While wrapping oneself might relieve “I am fat” etc for a day, if you’re really suffering from all that, I am wondering if for many, doing so will only perpetuate or even strengthen these notions.

Either way, when it comes to shelling out bucks, don’t be dumb, common sense, folks.

*If swelling is extreme, by all means find out the cause. It can indicate something serious is going on, especially if it’s on one side and not the other.

Dear people out there….

I gotta laugh. Ages ago, a long time ago, I have no clue when this was, I left Facebook, utterly fed up, and many acted like I was dying and saying goodbye to planet earth. I said, “Hey wait. I have a phone, I have email. In fact, for some of you, we can have coffee. I’ve always been available to some via Skype. And where the hell were you all this time?”

If they really think they’re my friends, then surely there are other ways they can contact me besides fucking Facebook. Yes, there’s the phone. Yes, there’s email. If they’re paying for bandwisdth for Facebook then they can afford the bandwith for email (which is less costly). Do they know how to pick up the  phone? Can they speak? I think most learned to speak prior to learning fucking Facebook!  I’m not dying.

Likewise, my quitting an email mailing list does not mean I’m dying. NO, I still have email, have not changed my name, am still me, I still like you, I still have the same email address, I still write, i still look about the same, I still blog, I still have the same phone number and you can still call me. I’m just sick of the bickering on the listserv and do not want to read that crap anymore. But I’m not dead.

Last I checked.


I see class distinctions here….

If Obama’s daughter went to a therapist…and that therapist asked Obama’s daughter out on a date during the third therapy session, and then, Obama’s daughter told her dad, “Hey, dad, this therapist violated ethics and violated me in a bad way. I phoned him and canceled my next and all subsequent appointments, and know what he said? He said to me, ‘I love you.'”

Please tell me, what would happen now? Would Obama ignore his daughter? Would Obama not care that a man had violated his daughter? Would Obama tell his daughter, “That’s impossible. Take a pill, dear, you’re delusional, and call me in the morning.” Not likely.

What if your daughter called you and told you a therapist had done this to her? Would you care? What would you do? Would you tell your daughter “Why don’t you just forgive the therapist. He was just old-fashioned.” I don’t think so.

Would you send your daughter to another therapist, telling her, “You keep saying they are bad. You are a hypochondriac.” I don’t think so. Don’t most parents take their kids seriously?

And yet, after I saw a therapist who did that exact same thing in 2013, because I am not Obama’s daughter, because I am a peon and I didn’t have anyone rich or famous standing up for me throwing their money around, NO ONE CARED.

Still, no one cares. It’s still not okay to be pissed off that these things happened and it’s still not okay to tell these stories. I’m still supposed to remain silent. Shove it under the rug. Let the guy still practice. Why?

If Joe Biden’s daughter was raped by a neighbor, and then, her therapist was so self-absorbed that she didn’t even notice, what would happen? Do you think, if Biden’s daughter mentioned this to Joe Biden, Biden would do something? Would Biden be pissed off? Would Biden say to his own daughter, “That means you were never raped.” I don’t think so.

But because I’m a peon, that’s what happened. Because I’m not rich nor important nor someone people really care about like Biden’s daughter, I was ignored. I was told I wasn’t raped. Because it all went over my self-absorbed therapist’s head.

And again, I’m supposed to forgive. I’m a peon and these folks are still practicing therapy, still enjoying their lovely lives, barely noticing the harms they did.

And that isn’t even mentioning Maria. Jeepers, she was the worst. All this therapy abuse worse than any pill I ever took. I wish someone cared. I still feel very alone with this, even shoved away by the anti-drug crowd at this point.

(By the way, don’t even bother contacting TELL. I found my contact with to be invalidating, to say the least. It is sad, they have no awareness of just how commonplace therapy abuse is, they have their heads in the clouds I suppose…..)

Eventually, of course, they harm someone with money or prestige. Someone that has the dough to hire a lawyer. I can only hope more lawyers go into psych malpractice, as they are sorely in demand.

It’s lonely here. Anyone home?

Man pees with penis on bank, gets arrested…dog pees, gets praised for “going” outdoors

“There, there, Toby, you went potty! Very good boy! I’m so glad I don’t have to mop up after you again!”


For those of us who were shit on by the bank (please note, I have never banked with Santander) please take care when you choose to pee back. Not during banking hours! Kindly use discretion!

Oh, poor guy……. Take some lessons from your dog next time.

Being a member of a group

Most of us have been members of groups. After all, most of us have gone to school, and that’s a group. Or we are part of a workplace.  Or we have been part of church or synagogue or Girl Scouts or have gone to summer camp. Or maybe we tried Meetup. Or we were part of a family at least. Sometimes when we are part of a group we get along with some but not all. What can be done?

I am in such a situation. I figure I can safely say this without mentioning the content nor the people. That plus readership here at this blog is down because I no longer cross-post to Facebook et al. (Screw that!)

So I get along with most in the group, but I do not enjoy the few that bully me quite a bit. I’m rather sick of it and it’s getting to the point where I am questioning…”Why bother?” However, another part of me asks, “Maybe it’s only one or two…..” Still, it is sucking up too much of my time arguing with these fools, and we’re getting nowhere. I find them hypocrites.

There are two types. The ones that are do-gooders, the ones that can absolutely do no wrong, the perfect ones (also called True Believers in some circles, the ones that make you feel sick to your stomach just hearing how perfect they are) and then, the ones that completely contradict themselves and say one thing out of one side of their mouths and another out of the other. Both seem to be in the business of ridiculing anyone who contradicts them.

I am tired of having meaningless textbook figures thrown at me by people who know NOTHING except their fucking textbooks. Which is the human body? An anatomy textbook, or the human body? Those of you hurling textbooks can go to hell, the entire lot of you.

Regarding guns and so-called “mental illness”

The laws regarding gun ownership  should not include clauses about so-called “mental illness.” This has no relevance to crime that the person committed. If a person has committed a crime that person is legally a criminal, or a convicted felon if that person was determined in court as “guilty” of that crime. Then, the person pays a fine, does some form of restitution, does time in prison, or at least apologizes or does time on probation. After that, the person may, or may not be considered a felon.

When we think of so-called “mental illness,” which is totally illogical and not even scientific, these bogus scientists are claiming “future dangerousness.” There is no such thing! You cannot claim a person’s future dangerousness! This is like locking a person in prison prior to the person’s committing murder or prior to the actual bank robbery.

“For the protection of Bank of America, we’re stopping by today and locking you up because we think you’re going to rob that ATM over there next week.” “Oh, by the way, we’re taking money from your retirement account and paying it to Bank of America to make up for the money you’re stealing from their ATM. Maybe.”

Hey wait. Doesn’t that kinda happen anyway?

So from now on, due to the arbitrary determination of future dangerousness, anyone who has graced a psychiatrist with their presence cannot go hunting with a gun. You all’s are limited to trapping and fishing.

Oddly, police, who seem quite dangerous to me, are handed guns. Doctors are handed the right to prescribe, doling out dangerous pills. They perform scary surgeries and even do electroshock. Teens, who are volatile anyway due to their young age go to war and shoot artillery. Sixteen-year-olds drive. Who wrote the rules here? Ooops…lawyers…….


The Most Annoying Clutter Ever

This morning I decided to compile a list of the Most Annoying Clutter Ever, and simple solutions to these assorted problems.

  1. Oversized laundry. This means that huge comforter blanket that you have been meaning to wash for the past month. But you aren’t likely to get to it. Maybe never. So now, it’s sitting in the middle of your living room, that gigantic hump, the absolute worst eyesore ever. What to do? Bag it up in a larger-than-life trash bag and stuff it into a suitcase. Solved.
  2. Used tissues you tossed into the trash but your aim wasn’t too good. Now, they’re everywhere. And the dog shredded them to add insult to injury. Ever hear of a broom? Use it. Now I know your dog will be sorely disappointed, but throw all those delicious scraps in the trash and this time, HIDE the trash.
  3. Styrofoam egg cartons you can’t bring yourself to toss out since you feel guilty about polluting the planet. Now, you have sixty empty egg cartons all over your living room. I got an idea. Be an asshole. You’ll hate yourself for a while. You’ll get over it, probably without the help of Prozac.
  4. Cardboard boxes leftover from your last move. Okay, that last move was six years ago and you STILL can’t bring yourself to toss out those ugly boxes. Use the decent ones as furniture. Then, take the rest and either fold them up, that is, flatten them and stow them away if you have space, give them away to your buddy who is relocating, or, invest in decent boxcutters, or maybe five pairs, and hold a box-cutting party. Please supply either drinks or pizza for your box-cutting pals. Another option (I tried this one) is to cut up the box and while you’re doing this, pretend the box is your ex-shrink. I found it completely unsatisfying, though. I am not a violent person. I was never taught to solve problems by doing violent acts such as hitting or destroying stuff. Secondly, it all reminded me of psychodrama, completely defeating the purpose. This means I am still overladen with cardboard boxes. Drat.
  5. Snail mail. Invest in a magazine holder. A cheap one, very cheap since you do not need  a ritzy one. Put the papers you want to keep NEATLY in there, don’t just shove them in, preventing that raggedly mess.
  6. Too many icons on your desktop. Put them in a folder. “Unused icons.” Make this a regular habit. Or drag them to the “recycle bin.” Hey, my mom always like the idea of recycling, so maybe that’s more conservation-minded.
  7. A huge mass of power cords. Ick. Use those twist-ties you get from the veggie section of the grocery store. That sounds like a good meatless solution, eh? Better than putting hair conditioner into them to try to untangle them.

See you later.

Those calls…again

No excuses. We don’t have that much to complain about anymore. Almost all phone companies have blocking services now. Learn to use them. The Do Not Call List may, or may not work. So if you get a call, as I just did, about that “bargain” vacation package, or the fake breast cancer charity, just block ’em. Next time, they won’t get through. This does not take rocket science, nor a call to the Attorney General, nor a lawyer. It’s a simple as a click.

Death penalty

I am wondering why, lately, several high-profile cases have resulted in the handing down or re-stating the death penalty. Of course I am not surprised. The jury is loaded. It may sound “fair” to many. Twelve people. But it’s not. They hand-pick these folks, hand-pick ONLY people who aren’t vehemently opposed to the death penalty. Since when is that a fair cross-section of the population? They weed out some, and leave in those that would put a person to death.

While some say it’s “satisfying” for the victims’ families to see a person die, that, to me, is just another senseless killing. I do not at all believe a person lacks a conscience. I do not believe a person has no remorse. I believe a person has an excellent ability to hide their remorse, though. We do not know the reasons why. Dylann was a very young person when he committed this horrible, unthinkable crime, and though it looks like he was aware of what he did, and did it deliberately, I believe he’s sorry, maybe so sorry that he cannot express it in words yet. Maybe he is still in shock.

I do not believe in the existence of psychopaths. Yes, I believe there are cruel people out there. I saw it with my own eyes and was subject to cruelty. Read my book, read the high school chapter and you’ll see one cruel high school girl whose behavior baffled me then, and to this day, I cannot explain it nor justify what she did. The way she acted duplicated “narc” behavior, yet I refuse to call any human being a narcissist. She was indeed a perfect specimen. I was extremely happy to get away from her. I outed her years later. By all means, I should have done so sooner.

She ended up marrying. My feelings are mixed. She had kids. I know in my heart her kids have questions. I know they have suffered greatly. I hope they find me someday, but on the other hand, all this brings up some heavy-duty moral and ethical questions that are difficult to answer.

I do not believe in calling a person a narcissist, psychopath, nor sociopath. I do think it’s okay to say, “My husband abused me.” Or, substitute any person there for “husband.” I keep wondering why people use the word “abuser.” “My abuser.” That term gives them too much power, does it not? Naming the person by name does two things. One, it outs them, and two, it lowers their assumed power to human, like the rest of us. Only human, with no superhuman powers (as he/she had taken) over you anymore.

Back to the death penalty. I think it’s disgusting to legally put a person to death, while our laws clearly state that murder is a crime. Meanwhile the masses cheer on such deaths. Hypocrites. You’d think it was a lynch mob.

Quote of the Day from Pat Risser

I love this from Pat Risser’s website:

“Unbeknown to the staff, we clients talk a lot. We talked before groups, we talked after groups, we talked before day treatment, we talked after day treatment, we talked during lunch. Of course the staff were not aware of this because they were busy in their offices doing staff stuff. We especially loved to talk at lunch, when the staff would disappear like cockroaches when you turn a light on in the kitchen. While staff would climb into their nice cars, we’d sit around and eat our meager bag lunches and talk together.

We talked about everything. We talked about our families. We talked about the staff. We compared which drugs we were on. We compared docs and hospitals. We talked about who we had beeen before we were mental patients and some of us even dared to still dream and hope for a future.”

This sums it up, what the mental system was like.

Pat died last summer at the age of 62.